Center for Research in Transplantation and Translational Immunology

Selected publications

  • Alveolar macrophages are epigenetically altered after inflammation, leading to long-term lung immunoparalysis. Nat ImmunolPMID 32424365
  • Integrative molecular profiling of autoreactive CD4 T cells in autoimmune hepatitis. J HepatolPMID 32649971
  • Integrated pseudotime analysis of human pre-implantation embryo single-cell transcriptomes reveals the dynamics of lineage specification. Cell Stem CellPMID 34004179
  • Selective SIRPa blockade reverses tumor T cell exclusion and overcomes cancer immunotherapy resistance. J Clin InvestPMID 33074246
  • Agonist anti-ChemR23 mAb reduces tissue neutrophil accumulation and triggers chronic inflammation resolution. Sci Adv PMID 33811066

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Latest thesis defense

Many doctoral students have defended their thesis in the last few weeks

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics : a new spin-off !

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics created by Dr S brouard and Dr R Danger, a new spinn off from the CR2TI

  • Le CR2TI à la nuit blanche des chercheurs

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