Center for Research in Transplantation and Translational Immunology


Graduate Program I3 - Immunology and Immuno-intervention

Jérôme Martin and Laetitia Gautreau-Rolland are leading the Graduate Program (GP) I3 that aims to provide Master and PhD students with high-level international training in Immunology.

Find out more about the GPI3 program here !

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Besides their involvement in PhD programs, many researchers from the CR2TI are involved in the Master training within the School of Biological Sciences and Medical School.
  • Biology, biotechnology and therapeutic research (Teaching Unit. Immunointervention, Transplantation and Autoimmunity)
  • Teaching Unit Advanced Immunology, Basic Immunology, Immunopathology
  • Teaching Unit Introduction to Medical Research
  • Teaching Unit Microbiology Pathologies
  • Biology and Health, research in pharmacology 
  • Teaching Unit Reproduction
  • Master in Virology  Online courses available - see box.
  • Master 1 Biology, Health, Biology & Molecular pathologies: Stéphanie Bernardet
  • Teaching Unit Introduction to Medical Research
  • ESDO/EAGEN Postgraduate online course on immunity and digestive cancers

Medical Immunology (learn more about the program)

Digital Sciences for Life and Health option.

The option aims to provide advanced training in the transdisciplinary field of digital sciences and technologies (information processing and communication sciences) for applications to life sciences and health-related technologies. In particular, medicine is entering the era of "Big Data", with the entry of high-throughput data in the diagnostic and therapeutic sectors. The development of methods for managing, securing, visualizing and integrating data is of crucial importance. Furthermore, biotechnologies are experiencing a considerable boom in areas such as green chemistry, the use of bacteria for biofuel synthesis or soil remediation and the development of new bio-materials.

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