Center for Research in Transplantation and Translational Immunology

TRIP Transgenic Rats ImmunoPhenomic

TRIP platform has been created in 1996 and has ever since developed Knock-Out (KO) or Knock-In (KI) rat research models for all (academic or private labs, French or international companies…)

  • Gene or large genomic locus function analysis: Gene(s) KO
  • SNP studies: KI to induce mutation of interest
  • Cellular or protein tracking: reporter KI in frame with your marker protein
  • Protein or reporter gene overexpression: KI of your protein of interest or reporter under the control of ubiquitous promoter
  • Spatio-temporal control by conditional models
  • Human cells or tissues engraftment: immunodeficient models

To discuss your own project or if you are interested in our available research models, please contact Jérôme Jullien and Matthieu Giraud

For a review on rat genome editing and rat models of immune genes and genetic diseases see Chenouard V, Remy S, Tesson L, Ménoret S, Ouisse LH, Cherifi Y, Anegon I. Advances in Genome Editing and Application to the Generation of Genetically Modified Rat Models
Front Genet. 2021 Apr 20;12:615491. PMID: 33959146

Available research models

Reporter GFP rats (alive & cryoconserved)  
Immunodeficient rats
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy  (DMD) disease rat model (alive & cryoconserved)  
Other reporter and conditional models are available in repositories and vendors
Reporter model list
Conditional model list
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