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SEMINAR ; Dr Aurore CLAUDE-TAUPIN - Mechanotransduction of shear stress in kidney epithelial cells

  • Le 09 July 2024

    On July 9th 2024 at 11 am,

    Amphi Denis Escande, IRS-UN

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  • On July 9th 2024 at 11 am,

Dr Aurore CLAUDE-TAUPIN Institut Necker Enfants Malades, Team MEMBRAMICS « Cellular and Membrane dynamics in stress response » Cell Biology Dept. INSERM U1151, Paris Invited by Franck HALARY

Aurore Claude-Taupin is a project leader in the “Cellular and Membrane Dynamics in Stress response” laboratory (MembraMicS), headed by Etienne Morel at the Institut Necker Enfants Malades (INEM) in Paris. She obtained a PhD for her work in Michaël Guittaut’s lab (Besançon, France), deciphering the role of autophagy in breast cancer. She then joined Vojo Deretic’s lab at the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, USA) as a postdoctoral fellow to characterize the role of autophagy proteins to maintain plasma membrane and endomembrane homeostasis. Afterwards, she studied autophagy regulation in response to mechanical forces when she joined INEM as a senior postdoc (Etienne Morel’s lab). Since her recruitment as a permanent researcher (CRCN INSERM) in January 2024, Aurore Claude-Taupin is deciphering the regulation of the membrane homeostasis and autophagy by shear stress, in physiology and pathology.

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