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SEMINAR ; Dr Renaud PREVEL - β-glucan enhances LPS-induced acute lung injury via alveolar macrophages reprogramming

  • Le 27 June 2023
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  • Mardi 27 Juin 2023 à 11H,

    Salle Jean Monnet

Dr Renaud PREVEL Service de médecine intensive réanimation, CHU de Bordeaux. Equipe Remodelage bronchique, Centre de Recherche Cardio-Thoracique de Bordeaux, Inserm U1045. Titre : “β-glucan enhances LPS-induced acute lung injury via alveolar macrophages reprogramming ». Invité par le Dr Jeremie Poshmann

After graduating medical school at Paris Descartes university, I completed internal medicine and medical intensive care specializations in Bordeaux university hospital, where I currently work as a ICU physician. Regarding my research backgroung, I attended MD/PhD program led by Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris with a particular focus on pathogen interactions with their environment. I focused first on host-pathogen interactions performing M. tuberculosis epitope mapping in Cape Town during my Master degree internship. I then explored inter-microbial interactions investigating the role of gut myco-microbiota in multi-drug resistant organism carriage among ICU patients during my PhD in Bordeaux. Back to host-pathogen interaction, my post-doctoral internship in Meakins-Christie laboratories (McGill University) focused on the impact of alveolar macrophages training in LPS-induced acute lung injury. In Bordeaux, our team now develops 2 research axis. The first aims to investigate the role of the myco-microbiota in acute lung inflammation (acute respiratory distress syndrome and ventilator-associated pneumonia). The second aims to investigate human lung epithelial and immune cells interactions during infections using human lung organoïd models.

Mis à jour le 12 June 2023 - Emmanuelle MACÉ.β-glucan-enhances-lps-induced-acute-lung-injury-via-alveolar-macrophages-reprogramming