• Le 20 September 2022

    Mardi 20 septembre 2022 à 11H30

    Amphi Denis Escande, IRS-UN

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  • Séminaire invité du CR2TI/ITUN.
    Dr Peter RUGG GUNN, Babraham Institute
    Titre : “Establishing the epigenome in human development and pluripotency”.
    Invité par le Dr Laurent David

Peter Rugg-Gunn is a Group Leader within the Epigenetics Programme at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK. He is also an Affiliate Principal Investigator at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and at the Centre for Trophoblast Research, and is Head of Public Engagement at the Babraham Institute.

Peter completed his Ph.D. with Roger Pedersen at the University of Cambridge, and then moved to Toronto for his post-doctoral training with Janet Rossant at The Hospital for Sick Children. Peter was then awarded a Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship in 2011, which he undertook at the Babraham Institute. He was awarded tenure in 2017.

Peter’s research interests centre on understanding how the epigenome is established during human development and how this affects cell fate decisions in pluripotent stem cells and in embryos. His current work is focused on the mechanisms of epigenetic programming and reprogramming as human cells transition between pluripotent states.