• Le 10 May 2022

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  • Deciphering gamma-delta T cell response to CMV to improve transplant patient care”.

    Mardi 10 mai 2022 à 11H

“Deciphering gamma-delta T cell response to CMV to improve transplant patient care”. Invitée par le Pr Régis Josien

I received my PhD in Immunology from the University of Lyon (France) in 1995. There, I studied the final stages of B lymphocyte differentiation in the Schering-Plough laboratory for Immunological Research directed by Dr. Jacques Banchereau. I then experienced in the field of human transplantation immunology along a fellowship in the team of Pr. Jean-Francois Moreau in Bordeaux University. I was recruited as junior scientist by the CNRS in 1998 and settled a research group focused on the implication of DC-SIGN and of human gamma-delta T cells in the host response to cytomegalovirus infection. My team discovered the antiviral role of these lymphocytes against human cytomegalovirus and pioneered studies on their function and antigen specificity. Many of my studies have involved interactions with the clinical transplantation department of Bordeaux University Hospital and collaborations with academic partners at the national and international levels. I currently head a CNRS research laboratory (~80 staff members) and a core facility in Bordeaux University. I develop a basic and translational research focused on the functions of human gamma-delta T lymphocytes in the context of cancer, viral infections and organ transplantation. My studies range from the molecular analysis of gamma-delta T cell antigens, to the development of pre-clinical mouse models and the investigation of patient cohorts. We developed technologies for T cell cultures, TCR protein analysis, production of monoclonal antibodies and TCR antigen identification.