• Le 06 September 2022
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  • Mardi 6 Septembre 2022 à 11H, Salle Jean Monnet

Unravelling differentiation and functional properties of protective versus pathological T cell responses in COVID-19”. Invited by Pr Régis Josien

The Sawitzki lab investigates the molecular mechanisms of immune cell activation and tolerance induction, in order to better understand why components of the immune response themselves become a trigger of destructive inflammatory reactions, like e.g. in the context of autoimmune diseases, rejection reactions after organ transplantation or severe infections. The group utilizes novel technologies such as mass cytometry, spectral flow cytometry, imaging mass cytometry as well as single cell RNA sequencing. With this e.g. mechanisms of the immunopathology of severe COVID-19 courses could be revealed (Schulte-Schrepping et al. Cell 2020; Georg et. al. Cell 2022). To guarantee generality of their findings the group generates patient cohort data and develop methods which ensure reproducibility between laboratories. To achieve this, Prof. Sawitzki was coordinating comparative investigations between world-leading laboratories as part of EU-funded projects such as the “ONE Study” and “BIO-DrIM”. Her group has developed standardized flow cytometry panels ready to use in clinical trials, which are now being used world-wide by many consortia even outside transplantation medicine (Streitz et al. Transplant Res. 2013, Kverneland et al. Cytometry A. 2016, Sawitzki Lancet 2020).